The Liturgy Team of St Vincent de Paul works in conjunction with the Pastor and Associate Pastor in the preparation of all parish liturgical functions.  The goal in preparing parish celebrations is to encourage full, active, and conscience participation of its members.  This is accomplished by taking into consideration the various languages, cultures, and liturgical styles of the community of St Vincent de Paul Parish.  Accordingly, all celebrations are prepared under the guidelines of the Church Documents, with consideration given to the Seasons of the Church Year, and various Feasts and other celebrations.
In addition, the Liturgy Department is responsible for the training, scheduling, continuing education, and spiritual enrichment of all liturgical ministers.  The primary responsibility of all liturgical ministers is that they fully and actively participate in the celebration of the liturgy. 

Eucharistic Ministers: 

Lectors: Lectors proclaim the Word of God to his Holy People through the Sacred Scriptures. The church assembly should receive the Word of God just as those first Christians did. Lectors also read the General Intercessions and make the Parish Announcements. They should have a good speaking voice and a love of Sacred Scripture. If you are interested please contact Deacon Juan Asencio by email at or for further information please contact our parish office.


Music: Do you like to sing? Do you play a musical instrument? Come and join our music ministry and offer your talents to the Lord! Contact Francisco Flores for rehearsal times at (323) 388-8915