Pastoral Staff

Pastoral Staff

Miriam Cruz

Director of Faith Formation / Directora de la Formacion de Fe

I am Miriam Arelis Cruz, Director of Faith Formation. I have been working coordinating the Faith Formation program, for over 15 years. My duties at my prior Parish were: pre-baptismal preparation Spanish and also assisting English classes, also RCIA Spanish, and all Faith Formation Elementary Spanish as well of assisting English classes, also some times a sub teaching, I am also a Eucharist Minister.  I am also a chef  a talent that also God has giving me and I truly enjoy. My call for my ministry was at a very early age, when I found my self in a strange country with a variety of cultures, when I became a mother I made a promise to my self that I will raise my kids Catholic, I have two, my daughter Stephanie and my son Andrew, they are along with my faith the straight to walk everyday in this journey that God has call me to do his job. In August 1st of 2015 God send me the opportunity to share my faith in a different community, and here I am with all what God has giving me in my ministry to share it with St. Vincent. Bendiciones.

Gerardo Gomez

Pastoral Assistant / Asistente Pastoral






Francisco Flores


In charge of coordinating the collaboration of all parochial choirs for special events, such as Christmas, Holy Week, Confirmation, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Francisco is a cantor on Sundays at the 7:30 a.m mass and leads the choir at the 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon mass. If you would like to have Francisco play at your wedding or quinceañera, please call him directly at (323) 388-8915.