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Father David


I have spent most of my life with the Vincentians (congregation of the mission).My 12 siblings and i were raised in the spirituality of Vincent through the education of the Daughters of Charity and the pastoral care of the Vincentian priests at my local parish. Since i was ordained i have primarily ministered to the Latino community along with a few years that i served as the vocation director.




Brother Tony

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Father Jerry

In Residence

I was born and raised in a small town about 25 miles outside of Chicago. In 1960 I became a member of the Vincentian Community and was ordained a priest in 1967. I served as a high school teacher in Chicago for one year, and I have served in parishes in San Antonio, Phoenix, Huntington Beach, Patterson, CA, and in Kayenta, AZ on the Navajo Indian Reservation. For nine years I served as the Provincial Superior of the Los Angeles Province of the Vincentian Fathers; after those nine years I took a one year sabbatical, living in Bonn, Germany (4 months), Israel (3 weeks), Santa Fe, NM ( 4 months); the remainder of the year was spent in Los Angeles and visiting family in Chicago. The great events in my ministry have been: 1) Being introduced to the Hispanic culture in San Antonio; 2) Being the founding pastor of a new parish in Huntington Beach; 3) Working on an international level in my nine years as Provincial; and, 4) Learning about and participating in the Navajo Indian culture for 14 years. I retired in 2011 and moved here to St. Vincent’s in February of that year. I chose St. Vincent’s because it is such a diverse church, with people from so many places around the world. Due to some health issues I also came here for the weather. My role here at the parish is to assist the parish priests in serving you.